Improving Your Internal Communication

Customize how you communicate to workers

Organizations should customize internal communication based on employees’ preferences. Some may be bored by communicating through emails. For example, employees in the sales department may be inclined to salesforce’s chatter as a way of keeping them informed. Others may prefer being updated via messaging apps such as Yammer and Slack.

Reflect your brand

A company’s employee branding tells a lot about its culture. If an organization communicates with employees effectively, it will not only improve processes but also convert the employees to brand ambassadors . It means that if an organization is working hard to improve its brand, then the same should be expected when it comes to employees.

Engage the employees

Employees want to participate in the decision-making process. They want to know how the organization is relating to stakeholders, the planned changes, and other important things that the top leadership keeps secret. Leaders should avoid one-way communication.



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Muhammad Babangida

Muhammad Babangida


Muhammad Babangida is a Business Executive based in Nigeria. Education, Security, and Banking. Founder of the El-Amin Polo Club.